About ETIAtalks

About US

ETIA Talks is an initiative of the students of the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna and the Vienna University of Technology. It is an annual panel series that provides a platform for discussion and learning. The idea is to augment what we learn in the classroom through an evening of discussion with experts in the field.

As lies in the nature of our study program ”Environmental Technology and International Affairs”, ETIA Talks aims to serve as a forum to explore and discuss issues of current relevance in the fields of energy and environment as well as related technologies. A special focus is thereby set on their intricate relation to politics, law, economics and international affairs.

In this sense, ETIA Talks seeks to connect leading scholars and practitioners across multiple disciplines and sectors and to provide a dynamic and interactive platform. The academic and professional discourse of today’s and tomorrow’s world challenges cannot and should not be held in isolation, and we would like to contribute building this bridge between disciplines and sectors, theory and practice, between the classroom and the real world.

The series gives an opportunity to the students and the public to get a glimpse of industrial best practices, while also honing marketing, sponsoring and planning skills by organizing a panel series.

The Team

ETIA talks is organized by first and second year students of the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna and the Technical University of Vienna.


The current Heads of ETIA Talks 2017/2018 are:


Valerie HENGL, ETIA 10

- Head of Marketing

Sarah KÖNIG, ETIA 10

- Head of Sponsoring & Finance

- Teasurer

Julia KRAFT, ETIA 10

- Head of Speakers,

- Head of Committee

Bibi van Duyvenbode, ETIA 10

- Head of Creatives